Sendai and beef tongue cannot be separate! Established “Kisuke” is a place to feel the skillful chef’s pride

Beef tongue restaurant “Kisuke”, established in 1975, is a place to taste dishes only a specialized restaurant can offer.

To enhance the taste of meat, salt is sprinkled by hand, and then make it matured until excess moisture is removed. This is how the distinctive texture and flavor are created for beef tongue fans to fully enjoy.

The rice with barley served with the set menu of “charcoal-grilled beef tongue” is blended with local brand rice “Hitomebore”. Tail soup is full of collagen and rich flavor which must be stewed for a long time over a low flame. Simmered meat attached to the tail breaks in your mouth easily; this is the best explanation I can do for the texture. Good thing is that soup and meat complement each other in a bowl!

Beside grilled, boiled tongue and shabu-shabu are recommended. Boiled tongue is so soft that you can use chopsticks to cut into pieces to appreciate such a smooth taste. For shabu-shabu, swishing around paper-thin slices of beef tongue in piping hot tail soup is ideal to savor.

“Kisuke”, as one of established restaurants, proudly serves a variety of beef tongues dishes made of carefully selected ingredients. You should try them.

喜助 店内のようす


Beef tongue

Kisuke, Ekimae Chuoten


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It's the very restaurant that promoted beef tongue dishes as Sendai's specialty and made it popular nationwide. Savor the taste created by our skillful chefs!

Date no Gyutan Honpo, Honten

Date no Gyutan Honpo, Honten
Date no Gyutan Honpo, Honten


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We are a long-established restaurant specializing in beef tongue. Delicious beef tongue dishes await you in our sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere.

Gyutan no Sendai Honten

Dine alone or in a group at this homey restaurant.

Tsukasa, Honten

    Exquisite, extremely soft beef tongue: Eat it once and you’ll never be able to eat at another restaurant again!

    Tsukasa, Torayokoten

      Large restaurant with a capacity of 100 people! Private rooms available!

      Tsukasa, Higashiguchiten

        Great location a 3-minute walk from Sendai Station’s east entrance! Also open for lunch.

        Kisuke, Sendaimitsukoshiten

          A souvenir shop offering Sendai beef tongue. Located on Jozenji-dori Street, Sendai’s "event street."

          Omiyagedokoro sendai, Kisuke

            Take home as a souvenir the tastes of a long-standing beef tongue shop founded 40 years ago. The authentic tastes of a true specialist.
            ・Sendai Station, 2nd Floor, 1 store

            Date no Gyutan Honpo

              A Sendai grilled beef tongue specialty shop. Offers souvenirs of all sorts.
              ・Sendai Station, 2nd Floor, 3 stores
              ・Sendai Station, 3rd Floor, 1 store


                A Sendai grilled beef tongue specialty shop. Offers souvenirs of all sorts.
                ・Sendai Station, 2nd Floor, 1 store
                ・Sendai Station, 3rd Floor, 1 store inside ticket gates


                  We put our hearts into making the food that defines Sendai’s food culture: beef tongue.
                  ・Sendai Station, 2nd Floor, 2 stores


                    We offer thick-cut beef tongue aged for 120 hours with special Japanese shio-koji, salt-marinated rice malt.
                    ・Sendai Station, 2nd Floor, 2 stores

                    Oshu Gyutan Honpo

                      We offer beef tongue -- the traditional, rare, delicious item that symbolizes ancient Miyagi Prefecture.

                      Tanya Zenjiro

                        We sell carefully-made thick-cut beef tongue. Please come and try our wares.